TruePower Portable Toilet - 5.3 Gallon w/ Level Indicator

  • $ 89.99

TruePower Portable Toilet has the unique ability to make your camping, boating or traveling experiences more enjoyable by providing a place for you to go whenever the urge strikes. This means you can stop digging holes and avoid long walks back to shared facilities when visiting campgrounds, camping on the beach or checking out popular tourist destinations! Since it is ultra lightweight, the SereneLife traveling toilet for adults can also be used as a portable toilet for boats, as a portable toilet for car rides or as an indoor portable toilet when you have guests or a broken stationary commode. An average bucket camping toilet gets the job done but this large portable toilet also reduces the mess when filling and emptying. This is because we have equipped it with an XL 5.3 gallon tank, a splash-proof pouring spout and a layer of leak-free odor control protection. When you flush the commode, the 3 way nozzle also does a decent job of keeping the bowel clean. Unlike other travel toilet seats, this portable toilet with spout comes with its own carrying case. All you have to do is insert the components, cinch it up and you'll be all set to spend some time in the wilderness while still maintaining the modern comforts of home. Sink sold seperately. 

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