TruePower Heat Shrink Tubing 95pc Assortment

TruePower Heat Shrink Tubing 95pc Assortment

  • $ 6.99

This heat-shrink tubing set includes five different colors with 8 different size and color combination. Use the tubing set to color-code positive, negative and ground wires for quick and easy identification. This heat shrink tubing set comes in a convenient divided container to keep the pieces organized and easily portable. Use to color code wires such as positive, negative, ground, etc. 3.2×150—10PC 3.2×150—10PC 3.2×150—10PC 3.2×150—40PC 6.5×150—5PC 6.5×150—5PC 6.5×150—5PC 6.5×150—10PC "
> 95 pc Heat Shrink Tubing Set
> Variety pack, 8 different sizes and colors
> Heat gun accessory for electrical protection
> color code you wiring - storage case included

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