New Solar Auto Darkening Mig Tig Skull Welding Helmet Welder Mask

  • $ 69.99

THIS ITEM IS BRAND NEW ! Carbon Fiber Solar Auto Darkening Welding Helmet -Flamming Skull This is the all new welding helmet with solar powered and gets its power from the welding arc, so it turns on automatically. These have the carbon fiber look. These helmets are made for Arc or Stick, MIG welding, Tig welding. Also includes a plasma cutting setting. Suitable for low amperage DC Tig welding which is a very hard arc to sense. Shade Adjustment Features a shade adjustment for light or dark settings. This feature allows you to set the helmet to a lighter shade when welding thin material and a darker shade for welding heavier material. Sensitivity Adjustment The sensitivity adjustment adjusts for ambient lighting and the arc brightness. This will compensate when you walk outside in the bright sun light or while Tig welding. Adjustable Shade Delay This has an adjustable shade delay. This is how long the helmet takes to from the light state to the dark state. This setting comes in handy when welding heavy ma
> Carbon Fiber Welding Helmet, Viewing Area: 3-7/8" x 1-11/16" Square
> Super Fast Darkening Speed: 1/25,000 Second
> Meets ANSI Safety Rating: ANSI Z87.1-2003
> Light Shade: Shade 4 ,Dark Shade: Adjustable 9 to 13
> Warranty: 1 Year

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