New 2pcs 1/8" LED Grow Light Rope Ratchet YoYo Hanger For Hydroponic Systems

  • $ 7.95

Heavy Duty Ratcheting Rope Hangers. Sold in pairs our ratcheting rope hangers will hold up to 149 pounds of static load per pair. We rate them at 90 pound capacity per pair just in case there’s an earthquake or someone drops a crate on the roof. Both ends of each rope ratchet have a carbiner type snap safety hook and will snap easily into most light reflector punched tabs or hold on ‘S’ hooks. 1/8” nylon rope and hooks, and each rope will extend just over 6 feet.
> 1/8" compact rope ratchet (2-pack)
> Adjustable light hangers (pair) 90 lb capacity

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