NetBolt Smartlock Keyless Door Lock/Latch with Handle/iPhone/Android/Keypad/Airbnb/HOA/Rental Property/Gen 2

  • $ 189.99

The new NetBolt series of 'smart' door locks by Code-a-Key combine the global reach of today's mobile data networks with the latest in low-power bluetooth wireless device communication. The 'smart' technology provides incredible new functions no one could have imagined was even possible just a few short years ago. The NetBolt lock hardware links seamlessly to your Apple iOS or Android based mobile device through its own free downloadable app. Although physical keys are provided, NetBolt locks use electronic virtual keys, what we call eKeys, as the standard method of access. The unique nature of eKeys is what makes the new NetBolt series of locks unlike any other keyless lock system. To provide access to those without a smartphone passcode for the lock can be generated within the app and shared via text message, email or phone call. It takes only a few seconds for a lock administrator to send a virtual key to another smartphone user. A virtual key can also be removed/disabled by the admin just as quickly to prevent a user from access to a location. Changing or re-keying locks for every new tenant can be costly and is always a hassle. No need to worry ever again about who might have copied the physical key. Virtual keys can't be duplicated, shared or lost by the recipient like a physical key can. Only the lock owner/administrator can send virtual keys to others and also disable them as needed. Virtual keys can also be pre-set to allow access only on a specific date or for a specific length of time. Property managers now have a powerful and flexible solution for rental unit security and access control, all managed easily from your smartphone with a simple to use, free app.

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