Imitation Silver Leaf 140mm X 140mm - 500 Sheets

Imitation Silver Leaf 140mm X 140mm - 500 Sheets

  • $ 23.99

Good for all gilding applications with many kinds of materials like metal, wood, board, paper, fabric, plastic, polystyrene, ceramic, glass, stone etc. For example: Artistic Handcrafts; Decorations & Renovations; Graphic Art; Craft Projects; DIY Repair/Patching, Refinishing/Restoration Projects and any other creative use imaginable.
> Imitation silver leaf is 100% pure aluminum
> Looks and feels like genuine silver leaf
> Every two leaves have a tissue paper in between allowing easier handling
> Each sheet measures 5-1/2" x 5-1/2" ( 140mm x 140mm )
> Thickness - 0.4 microns / 100 leaves can cover 20 square feet if done without waste or overlap

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