9ft Yellow Neon Glow Electroluminescent Wire (El Wire)

9ft Yellow Neon Glow Electroluminescent Wire (El Wire)

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  • $ 16.41

2 AA Batteries Required General Characteristics of EL Wire 1. Flexible 2. Energy saving 3. Easy to install 4. Cool to the touch 5. Available in many color 6. Available in continuous lengths (ranges several inches to thousands of feet. 7. Powered by either batteries or house outlets 8. Suitable for ornaments and jewelry 9. Can be cut and spliced 10. Enables braiding or looping 11. Water resistant and weather durable.
> 9ft Yellow EL Wire (2.3mm)
> Includes battery pack power inverter with belt clip
> Steady Glow & Flashing Modes
> Great for Parties, Raves, Costumes & Decorations
> Futuristic accent lighting effect for vehical interiors,motorcycles,bicycles & pc case mods

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