Anaconda Double Garage Door Screen, Black, 16' W x 7' H

Anaconda Double Garage Door Screen, Black, 16' W x 7' H

  • $ 14.99

Keep pesky mosquitoes and flies out and allow fresh air in. Now you can work in the garage or use it as an extra living area without worry. The screen hangs from your garage door opening and installs in minutes using grommets and a simple Hook and loop tape. Magnets keep the screen closed while a weighted bottom keeps it in place. Let the fresh air in, keep those bugs out! Garage Door Screens, PRICED LOW! Turn your garage into an instant screened porch! These Garage Door Screens install in seconds and give you direct access to the Great Outdoors, without any of the distractions. Leave your entry door open to let in a fresh breeze or keep an eye on the kids outside. Walk in and out with ease thanks to the center-opening and weighted base. An essential piece of gear for your next family reunion, graduation, birthday or other large event. Get yours here for BIG BUCKS OFF the suggested retail! Take back control on your next outdoor party! Order Today! 7 x 14'w. Weighs 2 lbs., 10 ozs.
> Let the fresh air in, Keeps out insects and other pests, Easy installation
> Width: 16'; Height: 7'
> Weight: 2 lbs
> Size: Double Garage
> Color: Black

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